Thanks for stopping by, my names Andy. I  have a passion for helping people whatever the issues. I’m a computer engineer with 20 years experience.  I’m crazy about technology and have reached a point where I would love to pass on my knowledge to the next person.

i’m trying to “fix all the tech in the world one gadget at a time”. I decided that’s a great goal but not much good if the person can’t get the best out of it hence I started this community interest company.

I find most people I talk to would love to know more about the technology they use. They are limited by what they know about the gadget or gizmo they are holding. Which Is why I called this company Tech with no limits. Unlock that potential so you can work smarter not harder.

My aim is to help people get the best out of technology. Whether it’s connecting with friends online or starting from scratch turning on a computer. I can help you step by step walk through each gizmo and gadget in a friendly way. Just read my testimonials

I promise no computer jargon just friendly helpful steps to get you familiar with your technology. I know what it’s like learning a new thing. This can be confusing and I’m here to help you.

I have been on courses where you just get handed a computer login and told to get on with it. I like to put the human back into computers.

My long-term goal is to be able to offer my services to all people from computer beginners to start up businesses. I am aiming to help people with disabilities like me to get the best out of technology, I can offer my services partially funded to make the cost of help low.

I always had a passion for teaching and was always told “you will never do it “being as I am dyslexic. I just never had the support to finally reach my goal. This website was setup to be everything you’ll ever need tech related. I want to “Put the Human Touch into an Online World”

Why not book a  session today.

Andy C