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Technical help

Quick Fix

This session is 1 hour and is designed for quick issues. Printers, Scanners, Pc clean up etc

Go Faster

This session is 2 hours long and is designed for Pc/Laptop upgrades, reloading Operanting systems, backing up files etc

Needs TLC

This session is designed for Full Pc/Laptop strip down, Networking issues, Emergency recovery of data

1 2 1/Groups Teaching help

Gimmie a flavour

Short session of 1 hour desinged to teach and answer some questions and learn some pro tips.

Need to Know More

These sessions are 2 hours with a short 10 min break in the middle designed to get more indepth about a certain subject. Questions are encouraged to get the best out of the course.

Deep End

These sessions are 3 hours long. Designed to dive deep into a particular subject and go through it in detail. This is more suited to web design, security and networking basics.

Website Help

Website Analysis

This is a 1 hour session designed to go over your existing site and get some recommendations.

Social Media Strategy

This is a 2 hour session designed to show you the current market trends and how to capitalize on them.

The Full Monty

This session is 3 hours designed to tackle everything, from a full breakdown of your website, Social Media, Marketing Strategy.

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