Courses & benefits to you

This Is s short list of some of the courses I can offer you to imporve your I.T skills. Theses include how to upgrade your security and get the best out of your technology.

All courses include free guides to help you along the way so you’re never left feeling lost in between sessions.

Online Safety

This course teaches you how to keep your kids safe online. You may be posting information about your child without realizing it. People post things about themselves without thinking of the consequences. This course shows you the best ways to protect yourself against scams and stay safe!!!!


  • Child Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Social Media Safety
  • Password Pro Tips
  • Online Forms

Online Forms 

Sometimes tackling those online forms can be difficult whether you are tackling job centre forms or applying for benefits or simply trying to report a repair. More and more services are moving online. I can show you which boxes are essential to tick and make sure it’s okay before you send it


  • Universal Job Match
  • Universal Credit
  • Paying Rent Online
  • Council Tax Online
  • Report Repairs Online

Keyboard and mouse skills

This course is more aimed at the beginner, If you have had that pc or laptop for a while somewhere in the corner now’s the time to dust it off and see a whole new world. I will help you get to grips with the keyboard and mouse. I’ll show you the basics of the mouse and the best way to hold it to avoid injury in the future.

I can show you some essential keys and shortcuts on the keyboard that will undo any mistakes. I will give you a user-friendly guide to all the shortcuts so you don’t have to memorize them all, just refer the sheet.

Emails & Scams


Getting swamped with emails you didn’t ask for? It may not be your fault. I can teach you ways to protect yourself and your friends and family with a few clicks.


  • Report phishing scams
  • How to spot  Scams
  • Spam emails – tackling them

How To Use Social Media

Social media can be complex at times with so many platforms and so many ways to post online. Whether you’re using it for personal or business, you need to be secure and safe.

Business use: I will show you the power of Facebook Insights and Google Trends. Also how to become the go to person on Facebook for your business. How to reach your audience and beat the competition.

Personal use: When dealing with social media for personal use you need to baton down the hatches and seal off any route into your profile for unwanted guests. With this course pro tips and practical demonstrations you can secure your social media so only the people you trust can see it.